Frequently Asked Questions

About is powered by The Local Data Company which is the definitive source of retail information throughout the United Kingdom. By working with the retailers that make up the vast UK network of shopkeepers, from bar and restaurant owners to clothes shops and launderettes; high street printers and newsagents to estate agents and hotels - we want to promote you through our network of websites, partners and clients.

How does make money?

We do not charge data-subjects (i.e. the businesses we list) - we make revenue from supplying data and images for over 550,000+ city centre locations, to reputable websites and directories, like and to name but a few.

We also provide insight and analytics on the retail and leisure sector (via Local Data Online, which is available as an annual subscription and includes ‘Explorer’ and ‘Dashboards’). We also collect detailed footfall data across Great Britain.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any information about our products and services, we'll be happy to provide you with a costed proposal.

Screenshot shows ‘Dashboards’ - part of Local Data Online.

How long does it take for my business to appear in the listings?

Depending on whether your business is successful and fits within our requirements, it will take up to 14 days to appear in The Local Data Company's database. The time it takes to appear on other websites is dependant on the update frequency of the client, which ranges from monthly to annually. LDC has no control over this process.

My business is not listed on

The Local Data Company prides itself on the comprehensiveness and accuracy of its data. We want more data - but our resources are not infinite - and so you can help us (and yourself) by supplying your details directly to us. And so, if your town has not been surveyed by us; or if you've recently moved into your premises; or you simply cannot find your company in our directory - then we want you to add your details. It's quick, easy and free - you can add it here.

Why should I add my business?

The Local Data Company lists hundreds of thousands of retail businesses. In association with The Local Data Company, your business will be viewed by a huge audience of web and mobile users across the United Kingdom and beyond. Although we cannot guarantee your business will be published on all our clients websites, we offer an easy and quick way of reaching a large audience in one instance.

Do you list every/any business?

No - however, our criteria is simple - we only list businesses (not people) - and the business must be located in a physical / permanent building that you are happy to be identified photographically. You don't have to be a 'retailer' - you don't have to be on the high street; you don't have to be located in one of our featured towns. But you do have to want to be commonly found and seen - and we understand that not all businesses do (e.g. if you only sell to 'trade').

Can anyone change my business information?

No. All information that is submitted passes through our team of office based researchers who check and verify the information submitted. Only when they are satisfied that the data is accurate and sent from the business owner is it made live and published on the web.

Data quality control

Every new business submitted and updated through this website is subject to the highest data quality controls. All information is checked and verified by a human to ensure the utmost accuracy and to maintain the highest standards that our clients have come to expect. However, If you do find any inaccuracies within the LDC database, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do we photograph every business listed?

We photograph all businesses visited by our researcher-photographers - we do not photograph businesses that send us their details. Longer-term we aim to create a facility for you to upload your own photo - if you're interested in this, please let us know and we'll be in-touch when this is possible.

Who will see my business?

The Local Data Company database is viewed by a huge audience every day, made up of a large number of websites that publish the information both on the web and on mobile phones. These websites include some of the biggest brands on the web.

PLEASE NOTE: The Local Data Company does not charge for inclusion in this directory or accept payment for better placement. All data provided to LDC is checked by a human (one of our researchers). We will not accept data for businesses that we cannot validate. By supplying your company's details to LDC you are explicitly consenting to our ownership of this data and to our forwarding it to our clients. We cannot guarantee that our clients will publish / list your business. LDC does not commit to photographing the premises of any business that chooses to provide its details to LDC.

If you cannot find your business in our database you can add it here or in the relevant section. For further assistance please e-mail The Local Data Company on research [at]